2 1/2 weeks

It's been 2 1/2 weeks and they're going strong. They've been washed twice and none of them have come out. Woot. I've been busy making lots of hats and dreadbands. You can see my hats on etsy.

And here's a pic from today before I went to the park.

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Might as well post this too. This is my second set of dreads. I will be keeping these bad boys. This pic is right after they were done so they are a bit crazy.

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5 days

5 day since I put my dreads in and I haven't washed my hair yet which is fine since I only washed my hair 1-2 times a week anyway. I didn't backcomb them very well so I hope they don't fall out in the shower.

I have bone straight asian hair so backcombing was a PITA.

No face shots...I didn't have any makeup on ;p

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I started my dreads on Tuesday. Took me a good 6 or so hours to put them in -.- and I look crazy right now, they're all poofy and standing straight out. I backcombed and did rip/twist to put them in. I didn't use wax. I have about...oh...65 dreads and they are nice and fat too. I have a lot of hair. Once I get batteries for my camera, I'll post pics. All I need now is a palmrolling-buddy to help me with the back of my head ;p

Oh yea, I also changed my journal name, meow. I think I'll be updating here more often. What's the point of having this thing if I don't use it.
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